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06-15-2011, 05:06 PM
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I'm gonna join in on the Beltran love. The NLCS gave him an unfair reputation as being unclutch, when in fact he has been performed even better when the stakes are higher. Look at these stats in "high-leverage" situations (as determined by the Win Probability stat) through the years:

2005: .316/.362/.571
2006: .313/.449/.600
2007: .280/.347/.522
2008: .313/.404/.550
2009: .325/.415/.500
2010: .260/.319/.476

So only in 2010 did he perform better in low-leverage situations than high ones, and with just half a season played with bad health, one could argue that it's not a big enough sample size to be relevant.

Additionally, here's a great list of his top 10 clutch moments:

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