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08-26-2005, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by
Our defense is shaping up to look pretty mobile. I'm intrigued by the sabres move toward this type of corps.


Are all quick, puck-movers. McKee sits and waits for an offer. Today Regeir made a comment on how the sabres are taking the league serious in regards to the rule changes and think this is the type of players you will need in the new NHL.

There is definatly a plan unfolding here. Comments?
Well it's nice that we're moving towards a mobile defense corps to assist with the offensive production (especially in light of the 'new NHL') but there is still a need for a nasty defenseman to keep the opposing forwards honest and keep them from pitching camp in front of our goalie(s). Nasty does not really mean slow either.
What could we trade for Komisarek *grin*. Nothing I am sure since Montreal is in our division and they're probably pretty happy with him...

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