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06-15-2011, 07:56 PM
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Unfortunately for them, since they mostly are totally out of sync with reality (him and Tremblay) that whenever they are right or partially right, we don't even see it or want to acknowledge it.

I just don't believe he's that far off this time. Sorry. Our main argument is that "We will be great the day we're healthy". Fine.....can't wait to see when that's going to be. Unless we're the unluckiest team that have ever played the game....or maybe because we're often at the receiving end...., I guess we'll see in the near future.

But if you take his main point about people that thinks that we're Cup contender based on the fact that we were at 1 goal at beating the Cup Finalist and maybe makes no freakin sense. And he's totally right.

Then, obviously, Raymond tries very hard to look stupid and succeed by saying that the signings are not making that team a better if what happens in June is indicative of what's really going on. I mean, that's makes just as much sense as Raymond believing we'd be better team if we would have signed in June a guy like....Scott Gomez. At that time, he would have mentioned that we would automatically have become a better team....we see where that takes us now. Raymond doesn't know Emelin, Diaz or Naatinen anyway. So he has good points and then succeed to look dumb.

But I can't say I don't agree with him as far as the identity I hope our team has. Sorry, I just can't. And his line that I agree the most with is that the "Habs don't believe in it". Well we did draft Tinordi. I guess there is some realization that a tougher team has to be in order, but you have to trust what this organization tells you, you actually believe they don't believe in having to deal with big and gritty teams...that speed kills and that's it....A speed that they actually think they have but then when you see other teams play, you realize that we're not the speediest team out there.

One other thing. Yes, we have dumb journalists and we have dumb fans. NO FREAKIN QUESTION ABOUT IT. But the organizatoin do not do the journalists, their fans or even themselves any service by being as secretive as they are. No need to be Brian Burke....but there is so many heresay and secrets amongst journalists and all, that by not talking, the Habs are provoking this. You'd hear less crap everywhere if Habs would talk more. Those journalists can say whatever they want, they'll never be confronted to it. And that's a real freakin shame.

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