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06-15-2011, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by eliash View Post
Dude are you done defending the Bruins and thinking you know everything? We get it you want the Bruins to win because you called it. Bravo.
Where do I mention I know everything? Is it when I ALWAYS write on the numerous threads called "I was wrong when..."? Why so much frustration?

Pathetic that you despite all of that, you think I WANT the Bruins to win while I'm only predicting they will and think they are a better team and just deserve it. They are still my biggest enemy and to every Bruins fans who are happy I'm predicting they will, I keep responding that it's obviously NOT what I want....But hey, frustration and hate makes people blind I guess....

Are you done defending the Bruins....why am am I defending them? Is it when I was amongst a few guys who keeps criticizing them over the Lucic-Komi incident and Lucic-Laraque? Or is it when I keep blasting them on the Chara-MaxPac incident? Or when I was openly blaming their team for the Garden fights? Is it during those incidents when I was defending them? Another selective reader is in da house....

But I know....this is not a hockey discussion. It's a "We hate Boston" discussion. So be know which button you can press as far as my posts are concerned....

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