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06-15-2011, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
That's my point... what is average? You're defining average on the basis of examples that may not fit the trend moving forward.
Again, most cup winning teams have a few HOF players on it. That's what makes them champions.
Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
The salary cap has changed the playing field... the line between winning a cup and not winning a cup is getting thinner, not thicker.

Sure, there'll still be teams and seasons that might fit the traditional mold of a cup winner (winning through rebuilding, superstars etc..), but on the flip side, those teams will have a harder time to win year after year, and I think more teams that do not fit the conventional mold will win as well.
There will always be the exceptions to the rule. Nobody is claiming otherwise. Two points though...

1. Most will fit the traditional mold. I see no reason why that will change. It will just be harder to keep dynasties together.

2. Regardless of number one, we aren't good enough to win right now with the roster we have. With or without MaxPac.
Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
I think the Bruins represent pretty well what it takes to be a cup winner, a stud or two, depth, and a few solid young players.

It's important to note as well, that their Hall of Fame Norris superstar, was drafted by the Islanders.
Yes, and their other star player was not a top pick. They have Tyler Seguin who may be fantastic down the road as well as Rask. Those guys should be able to carry them forward as a rebuild.

But the team (that looks like it's going to win the cup) tonight is not a rebuild. But man, they sure have set themselves up nicely for the future. Too bad we didn't make a deal with the Leafs.
Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
I meant 75 percent of Gomez's salary, which is 5.4 Mil. In other words, if we had a center with a 7.3 cap hit, who played at the value of a 5.4 Million dollar player, it's very possible that we'd be in the finals right now. And I'd wager money on that if we had a healthy Max too.
Okay, but again... we're relying on building our team via free agency then. And when you do this, you have to go with what's available and hope that they're willing to play for you. I'd much rather go the draft/prospect route because it seems to yield more success and our scouting is good.

Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
To suggest that Max isn't a difference maker in my eyes is more speculative as saying he would be. I think he would have been enough to push us past the 1st round.

We'll see how he plays in October, but prior to his injury, he was most definitely a big part of this team.

The fact that he's young and unproven come playoff time holds less weight in todays NHL, that seems to favour younger guys anyways.
I think he's a good young player. Maybe he'll be great someday. But he's not enough of a difference maker right now to lead this club to a cup next season.
Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
Why not? I think if Price plays like Price, than we have no reason to rely on him being anyone else, other than Price.

Just as much as it takes the Flyers to lose with crappy goaltending, it takes the Flyers good goaltending to win as well. A team can win with good goaltending, and their chances are better with excellent goaltending.... it's a good thing we are closer to excellent goaltending with Price.
Yes, you can win with good but not great goaltending... IF you have a great team to balance it out. We don't have this. We aren't Chicago or Pittsburgh. We don't have the kinds of superstars that balance this out. If Price isn't spectacular, we probably don't even make the playoffs.

Our strength is goaltending and we have a mobile defense core that can score. But our forwards aren't good and we have a deficit on grit and size. Max Pac helps with all of those issues but he's not Eric Lindros. People talk about our secondary scoring being a problem... forget that. We don't even have consistent primary scoring. For this club to be a contender and seriously challenge for a cup we'd need a huge gamebreaking power forward to balance things out. If you think MaxPac is that guy, power to you. I see him as a talented kid who's probably going to produce something like 20-25 goals next year. And even that might be asking a lot from a sophmore kid. He's not proven yet. And to expect him to lead us to a cup just isn't realistic right now.

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