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06-16-2011, 01:33 AM
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The best players are the ones that make you better. I find that I play better with strong players because I really just have to get open and go to the net, and occasionally make a simple pass to a guy who's positioned himself for an open lane.

When you're playing with weaker players you do become hindered by their abilities. Sometimes you spring up the ice faster than they can and get caught ahead of the play, or get open in a position where they don't realize you're open. Other times you may pass too hard to a guy, or just find that nobody is open for a good pass when you're in pressure and need to make a play. If you don't have confidence in your teammates, you are likely going to try and do too much on the ice (deke/shoot/carry instead of pass, try to be all over the ice instead of relying on the person in the correct position), which will most definitely hurt your play.

If I'm playing with guys who are beginners, I prefer to play D. When you're on D you're kind of by yourself. Just try to understand what your partner is doing and don't get too close to him. Besides, my backwards skating is atrocious and it gives me a chance to work on it!

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