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06-16-2011, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Phil Parent View Post
Vancouver can't riot worth ****. I mean it's so bad its comedic. And apparently the police knows that because there's about 20 of them.

Plus the rioters are actively fighting one another.

You'll say "He's crazy, judging the entertainment value of a riot?"

BUT, in this age of entertainment, I say, if you are going to take the decision as a group of a couple thousands/hundreds retards to put yourselves on national TV and break **** well do something that's gonna make me remember your effort.

I remember the Rocket Riot. I remember in 1993 when Gaetan Girouard panicked and ran up a tree to evade the rioters and he saw the bums go back in the Forum and I remember his call going live on TV and I was 12. I remember the south central L.A. riots. I remember the Quebec National Day riot where some bozo threw himself in the fire. I remember the Habs Playoffs riots. I remember those racial riots we had a couple days ago after the police killed the latino kid, they busted a fire plug and the water jetisonned.

But this? I'll forget it.

And just like in all riots of the kind, except the Rocket one and maybe the racial ones have purpose, I hope they're all arrested and forced to pay for the damage until they are destitute.
Up to a point, I understand what you mean.

But I have to disgress about one thing. "Entertaining" doesn't necessarely correlate with "a good thing". I'd be happy if our riots were as lousy as Vancouver's. Less expensive.

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