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06-16-2011, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by BrokenRetina View Post
I still believe that Calgary was robbed of a Cup.
I'm not congratulating anyone as I could care less for the Bruins and their antics, especially when they get away with everything.

Sorry but Bergeron should have been called for the slash which would have changed the entire game. Marchand was in the face off circle on the 1st goal by a good 4 feet.

The fact that there are 2 sets of rules in this league make it super bush.

Gotta love the NHL helping US markets. The fact that NBC paid not even a quarter of what the CBC paid is testament to the out right garbage in the head office.

I still can't understand how you not only hire someone that single handily destroyed one league and then give him and extension. I guess it helps to be on the board of governors and get all the calls.
When a multi-billionaire wants to move a team and is denied because he didn't follow protocol. I wan to be in that room when Bettman calls Jim and tells him they have the 1 of 15 teams in trouble up for sale.

When a player almost gets decapitated and nothing happens, yet a late but clean hit garners a 4 game stanely cup final suspension. When the head of discinaplary still has a job while his child is playing in the league, and was an ex-goon.

When there are rumors that they want to move the Hall to NY for exposure to AMERICANS.

I honestly hate the NHL more then the Bruins right now.

The NHL needs an overhaul. Starting with Bettman and making Carey Fraser the head of disciplinary.

If only I stuck to my hockey career (I was asked to try out for the Knights when I was 14), and wearing a Habs jersey, I'd take one for the team and call out all the ******** that exists in this god forshaken bush league.

Anyone know where I can watch KHL games?
Two words: money rules.

NHL was pro-Ruins. However, you can't ignore the fact that there were three biggest chokers on the other side: Softdins and Luongo.

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