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06-16-2011, 06:56 AM
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Reality Check

36 year old life long B's fan here and of course I had to pop in to see your reactions to us winning the cup. I have to be honest, I am a bit surprised at some of the pure hate.

First off, the Chara/Max incident was a horrible thing and I promise you that 99% of the B's fans out there felt/feel terrible about his injury. Much like 99% of Van fans are classy and peaceful. The 1%ers can be real loud and make you think they are larger in numbers than they really are. I bet that this morning some of the world assumes the entire Rogers Center poured out into the street and lit the city ablaze when in fact it was a small number not representative of the fan base. Chara is not a dirty player. If you could have paused "life" for a moment just before that hit and told him that he was about to break Max's kneck, I GUARANTY you he would have cut right and avoided him. I'm sure his intention was to rattle him and bounce him to the ice but not to injure him.

Second, you were definitely the B's toughest series. That makes you a great team also. I love when the Habs are great because it makes us better and it makes the rivalry more passionate. Wouldn't it be boring if one of us won every year and the other had a lottery pick? 3 seasons ago when you guys were 12-0 against us, it honestly got boring because they were not competitive games. As much as I hate the Habs, they instantly become the team I root for as soon as the B's get bounced. Why? Because I have respect for the rivalry and the good it has done for our organizations. Believe that your management's goal this off season is to get better than the B's. Just like it has been our goal in recent years to get better than you and look at the by product of that, we won the cup!

Here's to a short summer, we'll see you in October.

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