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06-16-2011, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by BossBruin824 View Post
36 year old life long B's fan here and of course I had to pop in to see your reactions to us winning the cup. I have to be honest, I am a bit surprised at some of the pure hate.

First off, the Chara/Max incident was a horrible thing and I promise you that 99% of the B's fans out there felt/feel terrible about his injury. Much like 99% of Van fans are classy and peaceful. The 1%ers can be real loud and make you think they are larger in numbers than they really are. I bet that this morning some of the world assumes the entire Rogers Center poured out into the street and lit the city ablaze when in fact it was a small number not representative of the fan base. Chara is not a dirty player. If you could have paused "life" for a moment just before that hit and told him that he was about to break Max's kneck, I GUARANTY you he would have cut right and avoided him. I'm sure his intention was to rattle him and bounce him to the ice but not to injure him.
Let's ignore the entire lead up to the incident demonstrating the history between those two players. Or how Chara's known in Montreal for a sucker punch on Ivannas that broke his face.

Tell us what you thought of Cooke after he ended Savard's career. Now think of how that would relate to what Hab's fans think of Chara.

Or better yet lets start a thought experiment:

Lets say Habs players did the following things this last season.

-Roman Hamrlik gives Horton a major concussion like the one Rome gave him. In a later incident, ex-Bruin Hal Gill goes on radio and questions whether the injury was exaggerated to get a suspension for Hamrlik.

- Hamrlik in fact receives no suspension for the hit in a decision that many active players speak out against.

-After scoring a playoff goal in Boston, Wisniewski skates around with his middle finger raised to the crowd.

- Wisniewski also blindside hits Peverley far away from the puck in a situation where it is hard to determine if it was deliberate or not.

- Before a game in Boston, rookie Max Pacioretty goes on record calling out the entire Bruins team as a bunch of divers.

- At the end of a game they are have a comfortable lead in. Montreal sends out Moen, White and Gill who pick fights with smaller non-fighters Krejci, Kaberle and Seguin. Moen hits Seguin repeatedly with the sharp edge of his elbow pad.

- In this world, Geoff Molson is the Chairman of the Board of Governors and Greg Campbell plays 4th line for Montreal, raising serious questions about the impartiality of the NHL disciplinary system with regards to the Canadiens.

This is followed by the Habs winning the cup. How happy about that would you think the average Bruin fan would be? After considering this, how surprised are you really at "some of the pure hate."

I'm not trying to mock you or drive you away. I am asking you this honestly. Try considering this from a perspective not your own.

I like a good rivalry. It makes the games more fun when the competition is more animated. I can even get up for watching Habs vs. Leafs these past years despite the disparity in quality of the two teams. Boston/Montreal has given me some of my favorite playoff series to watch, including this year's losing effort for the most part.

But the rivalry wasn't fun this year. Way to much stupid side-show bull**** instead of actual hockey. I don't care who can beat up who or who can cheap shot someone to gain an advantage. I want to watch the game played on the ice with the puck and good hard physical play that's entirely within both the letter and spirit of the rules. The rest should be kicked out of my favorite sport.

I also got to see a promising young man be inches from a coffin because of Boston's team captain. A play he had no justification for as it lied outside the rules of the game and was done so in a reckless fashion. I could care less what you think he intended to do. No one can possibly know that and I think its puerile that people defend him on such a specious argument.

So that's why I feel distaste at the image of Boston Bruins 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions. Its purely my own opinion but I don't think its an unreasonable one.

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