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06-16-2011, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by BossBruin824 View Post

The playoffs are a war or attrition. The cup winning and losing teams are asked to play every other night for 2+ months with the intesity ramping up after each and every game. Being prepared for that and constantly rising to the challenge day in and day out is part of the championship recipe.
I'd feel far better about that if Boston didn't have the alarming tendency of helping attrition along on the other teams.

I don't mean to imply they go out with a deliberate intent to injure. But making a habit of borderline chippy plays eventual results in someone getting hurt. And two guys with broken vertebrae.

This is in my opinion, way more immoral than the diving gamesmanship that every team employs these days and I'm disturbed by people from many fan bases that have tried to suggest a false equivalence between the two.

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