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06-16-2011, 09:10 AM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Chara has an IQ of 70, maybe 75 based on what I've seen of him. It's not his fault.

It's the NHL's fault for not giving him a 30 game suspension, never mind all the suspensions he should have had for previous hits. Like any dumb animal he would have responded to stimulus.
That isn't fair in the slightest. We have no reason to think Chara isn't a reasonably intelligent man. He certainly doesn't come off as a moron in interviews.

There is the point though that it is the leagues fault that the haven't been policing this. Especially since Chara's lack of discipline reinforces the widestanding (and somewhat accurate I'm afraid) believe that there are different rules for different players. Star players especially seem to get special treatment from the head office while the goons and plugs get sacrificed. There's also the ridiculous has never been subject to discipline before excuse. Something which will provide a continual reason not to punish someone they don't want to.

I applauded the Rome suspension because finally something was being done. But its only good if its a sign of a new standard that will be consistently enforced. Otherwise its just grandstanding.

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