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Originally Posted by Bill McNeal View Post
I appreciate the effort, but two months from now the narrative from the usual suspects will be about how the Bruins pounded the Habs into submission using their size, grit, and Canadianism.

I still remember the ass-backwards revisionist history of the Flyers series in 2008.

As for turning point of the playoffs? A little dramatic. A lot of different series had different moments that could have seen the other team win and change the whole complexion of this post-season.
Wrong. It was Boston's most important win these playoffs. You're not getting it. I like you guys, and this is a really good board. But The OP is right. Game 4 aginast Habs was monumental. I've said it before also.

I believe what the OP is saying is not the the Habs would have gone on to win the cup, but that Boston would not have, had we won that game.

That is very likely true.

3-1 in the game, and 3-1 in the series had they won? Come on, Habs had a very good chance to finish it.

That was a monumental fail by the Habs, one of the worst I've ever seen.

OP is right, that was when the Bruins were hanging by the thinnest of threads, and we let them back in it.

And now they've won the cup.

Legitimate post. Stop being so knee jerk and think about it.

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