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06-16-2011, 12:33 PM
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I haven't really been involved with this, but if I could offer my general opinion on the issue of team-board trolling by fans:

Having an all-negative opinion is fine. A select few are extreme pessimists/realists, as they like to be acknowledged. However, it's obvious that a lot of the time that rubs against the grain of a regular "carefully optimistic" fan, because, as a person who is a fan, they would at least like to believe in the organization and its people a little bit.

But really, I would think that it's trolling, no matter by whom, when they offer their all-negative/harsh reality opinion on anything and everything without proper explanation.
No matter how educated of a writing style you put it in, if it boils down to "LUL UR TEE3MZ ARE A LEWSURR ADN LOL FAILLllLl~!!?1@!?@@1?!", then eloquence in your statement doesn't matter.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but usually those opinions have real reasons behind why they are formed, such as "X player might become good because they did y here and z indicates that they'll have a good future." An all-negative opinion that consists of "This team is a loser because nobody on the team has won anything of real significance as a team" doesn't back up the opinion so much as it redundantly reinforces the negative view.

Anyways, it translates to "locker room cancer" on these boards, which is really too bad because our online community is so small as it is... and we all know how locker room cancers are dealt with. Look for a trade coming from Toronto soon.

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