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06-16-2011, 11:57 AM
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To me, Bob is a big question mark. He came out of (almost) nowhere to take the starter's job and set the league on fire in the first half. However, the holes in his games started getting exploited with increasing regularity by the opposition. Playing the odds, we could expect Bob to be a flash in the pan rather than an above-average starter for years to come.

That doesn't mean I am all for kicking Bob to the curb. It does mean that I'm not on board with options relying on Bob to carry the majority of the starter's load or where the odds are high that he will have to be the de facto starter for much of the season and playoffs. I'd like Bob to stay a Flyer, but as the backup (under Reese's tutelage) fighting for top spot over the next few years.

Roloson would be a good plan C (after Bryz and Vokoun), as he and Bob could split right around 50/50. Emery is close to being on the same level, but it's really against the odds to bet on him staying healthy. I don't like the Nabokov option, assuming he doesn't have to go through waivers and he doesn't cost much at all in terms of tradeable assets or salary: he had consistency issues with the Sharks, especially in the playoffs, really flamed out in the KHL, and by most accounts isn't the sort of role model you want next to a fellow-Russian young prospect.

Full stop. Assuming this off-season goes like last season and Paul Holmgren's goalophobia re-emerges, if all else fails, I'd be okay with Holmgren going after Hedberg. He put up a .912 SV% when the Devils were in disarray. It would fit his MO to pursue players who played well against the Flyers. That's probably plan E.

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