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Originally Posted by BrowsingForACup View Post
To be honest, a whole lot. Last summer, while Boston's GM was actually working hard enough to improve his team, all our GM did was finding excuses and saying how we didn't have enough cap space to actually improve our team going forward. And what do we know, one year later, most people here, from what I read in the last few weeks, are happy and want more of the same, saying Darche is a great signing, Gill is a great signing, and Kostitsyn is a great signing.

First of all, forget the Cup as long as we'll play that kind of hockey in the playoffs. We'll win against some teams playing that defense-only, give the puck back to the opponents style, but it'll always go to the limit and we won't have the energy to play 4 rounds of playoffs hockey like this. Chasing the puck is just too damn more exhausting than keeping it.

Secondly, as long as our depth forwards won't be capable of bringing something more concrete to this team, we'll be stuck where we are. Last summer some guys like Torres were available. We instead decided to keep a spot for guys like Darche and Boyd even before the start of July. Now I admire a guy like Darche, and it's a wonderful perserverance story right there, but he won't contribute when he's not producing, and knowing his limits, this sure happens a lot of time. Whereas guys like Campbell, Kelly, Paille and McQuaid for Boston all played rough and were capable of killing penalties. What does Darche do exactly for us? He's playing a bit on the power play, but let's not fool ourselves. It's an anomaly. He should NOT be playing there. We should have much better options out there, even when injuries happen. You don't want Darche to be the first guy brought up in the top-6, not even when a Pacioretty or a Cammalleri goes down. We should have better options out there. Guys like Torres, or even Kostitsyn should we sign a guys like Laich this summer (hopefully). As for Kostitsyn, I consider him to be a "bonus" guy going forward. We MUST replace him in our top-6, because we just can't rely on this guy on a nightly basis. He produces you'll say? Well when he's not producing he's a liability, and affects his linemates with his poor decisions (no matter if it's because of nonchalence or lack of confidence). As for Gill, well I have nothing against the guy, but we need to start looking for big guys who are not inapt with the puck on their stick. Our 6 d-men should handle themselves with the puck.

And finally, not the least, we have to build a d-core compatible with the skills of our forwards. Our top forwards are quick and skilled with the puck. Our d-men should all be capable of moving the puck and playing smart hockey. As for the bottom-6 forwards, I wish Gauthier would realize the importance of surrounding our good forwards with some guys capable of tiring the opposing defensemen.

I don't care about Martin's system neither, I just wish we'd keep the puck on our stick when we get it. Too often, we give it right back to the other team without making them work to retrieve it. Chasing the puck is exhausting as hell, and most of the time, we just can't protect this puck, partially because some of our forwards don't know how to do it... Especially on our bottom-6 and on our d-core. Guys like Darche don't belong there. And guys like Gill struggle too damn much with the puck, so they turn it over. We already have a guy like Gorges on our team and it's alright as every team needs this kind of #4/#5, defensively responsible player. But having Gill is something we just didn't need.
Your view of things is pretty much at the pessimistic extreme.

Martin's system just won Boston the cup, so it can't be that bad.

Part of keeping the puck more and chasing it less is having a mobile group on defense, adding Subban, Weber Yemelin and a healthy Markov would be a massive step forward. Boston won the cup against a more puck possession team in Vancouver, so puck posession in itself is not an end all and be all.

We definitely need a couple more guys that play with an edge to compliment guys like AK, Eller, Pacioretty, Moen, White etc

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