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Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post
Stop grasping at straws and plain old making stuff up. EC is not a locker room problem. The guy is good friends with half this team.

There's a reason why an over the hill, 35+ contract that doesn't produce any offense, doesn't shine in any category including physical play and can't be waived or bought out, would come cheap and it's not because he's a defensive star. It's because you're basically taking whatever you're paying him and cutting it off of your cap.

Don't mistake being wore out for playing hurt due to his physical play.

There's a dose of reality. Actually this guy is 35+ he'd be worse than White, White was waivable. If you stuff this guy in the minors in favor of a kid, during the second half of the season, he still counts against your cap. Great idea.
It's not grapsing at straws. Nevermind attitude, all of a sudden EC will have a 2-way game next year? Regardless of a +35 contract, Halpern at league min or just above for a year or two to anchor that 4th line would be a good move.

Let's not forget EC is not a checking center, nor is he effective in that role. He's an inconsitant skill player and a fringe top 6 forward.

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