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Originally Posted by BrowsingForACup View Post
Pessimistic? No. Not at all. Just realistic.

Boston played good defensively, but were much better than us at keeping the puck on their stick, and it all has to do with their d-men playing better with the puck, AND their depth forwards being both more talented and physical than ours. I mean, come on man. We have guys like Pyatt and Darche playing on our bottom-6. We also have a semi-rookie on our top-6 (Pacioretty), along with an enigma (Kostitsyn). I don't even count Pouliot as part of our team, I can't stand him anymore. We need more than this. We're not even close to being contenders right now. Not even close.

And it goes without saying how even if we re-sign Markov, we might not even get him back in the lineup before a quarter of next season is done and over with. Plus, we need Price to be as good as he was this year, a feat even Martin Brodeur in his prime years wasn't capable of repeating several consecutive years in a row. Price had a great year, it doesn't mean he's in for just as good of a year next season.
Boston doesn't "keep it on their stick" more, they play a lot more dump and chase, obviously by dumping you don't keep the puck. As soon as they take a lead they get it over center and dump it in for the most part.

For a team that's not even close to contending we nearly took out the eventual champs in round one and got to the final 4 last year, the team can't be as flawed as you seem to think. Boston has flaws also, our defense should be a lot more skilled and mobile than theirs, our PP should still be light years ahead.

Brodeur had 8-10 very good years back to back in his prime, not sure what hockey you were watching. If we can upgrade the defense a bit and have it more healthy, Price can probably match his stats while having a lesser year. He played most of the 1st half with Subban struggling, Markov out and Gorges playing hurt then out of the lineup. Next year the defense has the potential to be A LOT better, helping score more goals and keep more out.

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