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06-16-2011, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by BrowsingForACup View Post
And you think Markov will stay healthy. People brought the Wiz as an example for a guys recovering perfectly from major knee injuries. Fact is, Wiz was under 25 when he suffered those injuries. Markov is what? 32? 33? And next season, Hamrlik won't be there to be our Plan B in case Markov gets injured. And we don't know just yet at which extent guys like Diaz and Emelin will step up.
Man, if we don't re-sign Wiz it just won't make any sense to me at all. Young guy, good on offense... huge mistake if they don't re-up with him.
Originally Posted by BrowsingForACup View Post
I'm not asking you to have a crystal ball. Just that if this happens again, I'll say like Whitesnake did in one of his posts (that I read a couple of weeks ago). I don't want to hear anyone finding excuses and blaming Markov's injuries. If you sign Markov, you also choose to sign the possibility that he might not be as good as he once was, and that he might have become injury-prone. It's all going to be on the GM this time.
Markov has become a built in excuse for the homers on this site. If we don't win it's because we don't have Markov. The guy has barely played for us over the past two seasons. Anything we get from him is a bonus. It's a joke how some folks keep trying to bring him back into the conversation. It's the same with Marc Savard in Boston... if he comes back and plays well, great. But they shouldn't count on it.

I'm far more concerned with us keeping Wiz than Markov because he's got more years left.
Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Your view of things is pretty much at the pessimistic extreme.

Martin's system just won Boston the cup, so it can't be that bad.
Apples and oranges.

First of all, Tim Thomas just came off the best season of all time for any goalie. I don't think you can count on this from any netminder.

Secondly, the Bruins are a much bigger, physical team than we are. It is a night and day difference in how we stack up.
Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Part of keeping the puck more and chasing it less is having a mobile group on defense, adding Subban, Weber Yemelin and a healthy Markov would be a massive step forward. Boston won the cup against a more puck possession team in Vancouver, so puck posession in itself is not an end all and be all.

We definitely need a couple more guys that play with an edge to compliment guys like AK, Eller, Pacioretty, Moen, White etc
Our defense should we keep Wiz and should Markov miraculously stay healthy and return to form would be excellent offensively.

Defensively though, they aren't a stellar group. Not bad but not physical and nobody particularly stands out as being awesome in their own end. I think we could drive opposing defenses crazy with our blueline but unfortunately, our forwards aren't the great up front.
Originally Posted by BrowsingForACup View Post
Pessimistic? No. Not at all. Just realistic.

Boston played good defensively, but were much better than us at keeping the puck on their stick, and it all has to do with their d-men playing better with the puck, AND their depth forwards being both more talented and physical than ours. I mean, come on man. We have guys like Pyatt and Darche playing on our bottom-6. We also have a semi-rookie on our top-6 (Pacioretty), along with an enigma (Kostitsyn). I don't even count Pouliot as part of our team, I can't stand him anymore. We need more than this. We're not even close to being contenders right now. Not even close.

And it goes without saying how even if we re-sign Markov, we might not even get him back in the lineup before a quarter of next season is done and over with. Plus, we need Price to be as good as he was this year, a feat even Martin Brodeur in his prime years wasn't capable of repeating several consecutive years in a row. Price had a great year, it doesn't mean he's in for just as good of a year next season.
If Price isn't absolutely spectacular then we have absolutely no chance at a cup with this roster.

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