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06-16-2011, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by The Goalie Mask View Post
Of course I watched the painful game.

You don't have to always pinch to keep the puck in the other teams end..puck possesion will do it as well and that's what management has been preaching our team is about.

Having the puck in our end most of the game without controlling it will eventually lead to goals ....which it did!....Martin needs to stop being so one dimentional with his game strategy....he's been using the same approach for the last 2 years and teams have adjusted to our one dimentional's time for him to add some new strategies to compliment our defensive approach.
He's actually used the same approach for 15 yrs.hence a 50-61 playoff record. He blew game 4,after the Boston timeout,he went conservative.

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