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Originally Posted by Melvin Udall View Post
Yes the Habs did outplay the Bruins at times in the playoffs!

Injuries(?) - literally every team has them - Bruins were missing Savard.

Thomas is as good as and arguably better than Price - Buins 'D' - as a unit is better and has more depth and toughness than the Habs 'D' unit.

Bruins forwards are much bigger, much stronger, much tougher and much, much better than Habs forwards.

Re: GF vs GA Differential (regular season) Bruins +51 - Habs +7 LOL!

Bruins team is beter cut out for the 4-series grind of playoff hockey than are the Habs.

Habs have no answer for the skill levels of: Bergeron, Kreici, Horton, Seguin, Marchand, Ryder (remember him? not only did he score against the HABS he made saves against the HABS) and of course Savard.

Habs have no answers to match the toughness and/or character of: Chara, Thornton, Marchand, Boychuck, McQuaid, Sidenberg, and Lucic.

The reality took the winning experience of the 2011 playoffs for the BRUINS to discover how good of a team they really are (the acquisition of Horton and the emergence of Seguin didn't hurt their cause).

I doubt the Bruins will have any real problems with the HABS over the next 3-5 years or as long as Gauthier is GM!

And the HABS?

With PG at the helm they'll make minimum changes, get no bigger, better or tougher up front and the cycle of HABS mediocrity will continue to repeat itself as long as Geoff Molson can put 21,000 suckers into the Bell Centre seats!

And What if this good as it gets (for the HABS)?
That a great and intelligent ,well thought out post.You'll get flamed for it,but as someone who has watched hockey for forty years,and played high school and some college,you couldn't be anymore right.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
They had about the same size team as the Habs. Vancouver was bigger and more skilled but they played soft for the most part. Torres was nowhere to be seen, Bieksa and Kesler were the only guys that played with an edge. Their defense is big but played soft and slow.

The biggest difference physically between Montreal and Boston is their big guys(Lucic Thornton Chara) play meaner than ours. Horton is as soft as butter, but plays cocky after the whistle compared to his powder puff days in Florida. In terms of using their size Gill isn't a huge hitter, but he uses his size and strength to neutralize guys like Lucic Thornton Ovechkin Malkin etc so saying he "doesn't use his size" is false. I'd like to see him be a bit chippier though like Chara is with his stick.

We could definitely use a Hordichuk or Rupp to be our Thornton. Plus maybe an O'brien or Vandermeer on defense to help out Yemelin in the physical game.
Torres flattened more people this series than anyone on either team.I'd take him over most of our creampuff forwards anyday.

Originally Posted by Jakomyte View Post



XXXX - A top 6 winger, ideally someone who is physical, not small, and can put up at least 20-20-40.

I think this roster should be able to get into the playoffs. In the current cap era, any team in the playoffs can with the Stanley Cup.
That team has mediocrity written all over it.We can't get a top 6 winger.We don't have assets to acquire one.We only have a couple of roster spots open,anyways.

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