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Originally Posted by JimmyStart View Post
Your point leaves out the crucial fact that the two are linked and one contributes to the other. Again you include OVERALL which means everything including performance and it's just insane to even think of comparing NYR Drury to jagr or Mess. Jagr took a bottom 5 team and made them contenders for the division. He also broke records. In hindsight anyone who thinks SO complaints are a large factor in Jagr's tenure here are just grasping at straws. What SO moments did Dru have? None so why even bring it up?
Again you missed my point...if the 2 are linked then Gaborik using his first season here as the bar, should have been Captain. You can be a great performer and not be a good leader.

You also missed where I said anyone trying to compare Dury to Jagr woul be much clearer can I be?

And there were other complaints about Jagr's leadership besides the SO, going back a little further a lot of fans thought that the C weighed to heavily on Leetch because much like Drury he was a pretty soft-spoken guy.

I've been fairly consistent that I think Drury should be gone and I'm HAPPY that he will be gone...but nobody knows what happens in the locker room...THAT was my only point.

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