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Originally Posted by Habsolument90 View Post
When will I see "Confirmed with Link: Markov back @ 5.5mil" ?!!
I have a hunch it's coming soon, they have been talking for a couple weeks. I think they may be haggling over length. The Habs want 1-2 years and Markov and his agent wanted 3-4 for more security. I have no problem with 4 years as long as they front load it...6 mil 6 mil 5 mil 4 mil...5.25 cap hit

Originally Posted by Ross MacLochness View Post
There's gotta be SOMEBODY willing to take Spacek for a year. A team with tons of cap space that knows they aren't going to compete. Spacek is a great teammate/ dressing room guy and can still play top 6 minutes (not on a contender though). Pouliot is not coming back anyway so package him with Spacek to Florida or something for a coke and a smile.

Hell we could even take back a million or two in salary that we could just dump in Hamilton or lose on waivers.
That's probably what PG is trying to do. He may have to wait until UFA plays out so a few cap floor teams are then willing to add less desirable players after missing out on bigger names. Right now Florida Columbus Phoenix ect are looking to get younger, more long term solutions with all taht cap room...guys like Spacek can be plan B, C or D. I think there is a chance he can do it, but it won't be easy...I like your Pouliot idea.

Originally Posted by alexstream View Post
no clue if it was raised or not... and i hope you're not expecting me to read 14 pages to find out about it...

Want list :

B. Laich for his toughness on the 3rd line. His abbrasive play is a perfect match to Moen and ... would actually make Moen tougher (you can't rely on ONE guy to do that job. you gotta have 2-3-4 guys doing the sandpaper job) could even add Bradley from wash at the same time.

S. Gagné he needs a new chance. Where else than a city where he'd be welcomed as a hero? we need more top 6 guys.

Defense... we're already crowded. I'd like more toughness there, but hoping Emelin is the ****. I'd like to welcome back Wiz.
Laich will probably cost 4.5-5.5 mil per year as a UFA, I doubt he'll play on a 3rd line.

Gagne just got a new chance in TB. Not sure he is a good fit here other than getting him cheap as a plan C or Plan D. He has a long injury history and plays scared right now, taht's why his numbers are down.

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