Thread: News Article: Islanders Dangle 5th overall pick.
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06-16-2011, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by thespeckledkiwi View Post
New York Rangers, Vancouver, Nashville, Detroit, Los Angeles Kings, Chicago, Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, Anaheim Ducks
That's your list? Again, I see Nashville, Philadelphia, Boston, and Detroit as having clearly two better defenseman. The rest, not as definite and you're definitely pushing on a few. Grabbing at straws at best.

If you don't think he's top 2 material, name 60 better defensemen.

Originally Posted by thespeckledkiwi View Post
I wonder where most GMs would place him. He's inconsistent, which is a major factor (as evident by the many threads in the past season).
Yes, he's inconsistent. But we're talking about a player not yet in his prime that logs huge minutes, plays against opposing team's number one line, and in all situations. It's not uncommon that you're going to have a slip up. Especially when the team depth starts to dwindle over the coarse of the year.

Originally Posted by thespeckledkiwi View Post
He could definitely be moved as a rental if we don't get him under contract, and again that has to do with Salcer.
The team isn't going to take pennies on the dollar for him by risking him going unsigned up until the deadline. He's not being traded as a rental.

Originally Posted by thespeckledkiwi View Post
A million there, 500K there...yep that doesn't handcuff the team. Like Bouchard, like Cullen, like Nystrom, like Backstrom...
Koivu's 750k that you were concerned about is effecting those contracts how again? You sign your best players when you draft and develop them. You don't fret over 500k.

Originally Posted by thespeckledkiwi View Post
Thank you, Jarick.

Quiet frankly, Burns is really the only asset we have to move that we can afford to really move if push comes to shove.
Ya, I know what you mean. Teams can always afford to move their best player at the most difficult position to draft, develop, and find. Especially when that player makes an impact in both ends. Not to mention taking unproven DRAFT PICKS in return.


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