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06-16-2011, 04:32 PM
Losing is a disease
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Its fine to say that its possible a losing coach can turn it around and say see... Claude did. But that hardly makes it probable and a case for holding on to something.

Every "loser" has their own issues. Every team that loses in the playoffs does so for a variety of reasons. And in order to "turn it around" you have to have sucked first. There's plenty of coaches who haven't to that degree. And plenty more who never turned the corner.

I have zero faith that BB has the ability to outplay, outsmart, outwit his opponent. I also think he has negative leadership ability.

To put it short... you have to be a fatty before you can be the Biggest Loser. But very very little fatties will do the necessary work to overcome their inherent flaws that led them down that road. To hold up those people as a comparable norm doesn't hold water IMHO. Just like holding up the recent cup winning coach.

But I will be there 100% this year rooting for my team and my coach.

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