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06-16-2011, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by fsnoles98 View Post
Do you not talk in circles? First you call out Julian and the early exits of his team and now it is he has a much more talented team??

Who picked Boston to win the cup this year with this talent laden team?? no one.

It was a combo of good talent and coaching. Not one or the other, that is all I am saying. Boston is talented, but no one picked them to win the cup. Thomas has been awesome, but after last year would you have picked him up to be your number 1? Credit goes to both the players and coaching. Don't hang out Julian because he got it done compared to BB's unfinished businees.
I'm not talking in circles. I'm simply comparing Julien and Boudreau prior to this year, to show how silly and petty all of this incessant Boudreau-bashing is.

You made the case that the Bruins are less talented than the Caps and implied that Julien did more with less. I refuted that.

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