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06-16-2011, 05:40 PM
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I too am having huge problems with skates...

I am using Easton 1100s, which are getting old and I can tell tired (too flexible)

Now... being that I had eastons and a strangely wide foot... I tried to get another pair, being a pair of new old stock S15!

I use 5/8's grind and I think an 11foot or (standard) radius

My feet are 10" and I use 8.5 W eastons, but this is the problem is my feet hurt:
8.5 R are tightish and my toe rubs and I can't use em
8.5W maybe a bit wide (I have to really tightem down) and fits my toes but the Archs KILL ME
9 R are too long, and I don't like having a 280mm holder compared to the 272...

thing is... do I tolerate the pain? I've heat molded them 3 times, and the area on the inside part of my Arch KILLS.... along with that, this is the worst tongue bite I've felt... I literially have blisters that own't heal unless I keep from skating for over a week.

but I think I hvae the same problems with all skates, Bauer's are way too narrow, the Graf's 735's that should fit don't, and I have yet to try RBK.

but should I just keep grinding it out and will my feet and skates eventually break in?

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