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Originally Posted by BrowsingForACup View Post
To me, this team needs 4 things, as it looks more and more likely Markov will sign

A #2/#3 d-man
Ehrhoff (5,5M) - Very good defenseman, playing clever hockey, durable, not huge but willing to take a hit, and polyvalent.

Bieksa (5M) - Good, rugged defenseman.

Pitkanen (5M) - Lightning-quick d-man, would be interesting to have him with Subban.

A Top-6 forward
Laich (4,5M) - Complete player capable of playing both ways, big, versatile, and appreciated by his teammates. Always thrived against Montreal, hopefully the Bell Centre would do him some good. Expecting him to be our Ryan Malone.

Cole (3,75M) - What Max Pacioretty is all about. Getting older, but a real workhorse and good leader/influence for the kids.

Gagné (3,75M) - Only if you miss on Cole AND Laich. Good two-way guy with some leadership and offensive potential. Could see him succeed with either Gomez and Gionta or Cammalleri and Plekanec. Rather big guy, even if not that physical.

Jagr (2,75M) - Not the biggest fan of the guy, but he'd sure add loads of skill to the team and would have an instant chemestry with Plekanec. Definitely Plan D though, and he'd be pretty cheap to get in terms of money.

A rugged 4th line player
Rupp (1M) - Versatile player, great fighter, great intense player capable of playing many roles and many positions on a roster. Can play hockey, hits hard, and is pretty big. A favorite of mine.

Konopka (1M)- Bat**** crazy, but more importantly, great in the faceoffs circle. Knows how to play hockey without putting himself too much into trouble, although I'd be worried about him taking crazy penalties. Definitely behind Rupp, but an interesting alternative as we know Eller might not be available for the beginning of next season.

A solid backup goalie
Conklin (1,5M) - Greatest backup goalie in the league

Garon (1,35M) - Very good goalie willing to come back here

Gauthier has to get all of those. Realistically, I want him to get one of a top-6 forward or a #2/#3 d-man, along with a rugged 4th line forward. This is the minimum to me, so I'd call it a decent offseason. Anything less is unacceptable.
This isn't NHL 11

I would like Konopka and Laich tho. I'm still on the fence tho about Jagr, I don't know if he has the speed to match pleks and cammy.

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