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06-16-2011, 08:54 PM
24-6=18,goodluck lol
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Originally Posted by jlgib21 View Post
Pax:fractured neck
Eller.shoulder surgery
Desharnais:knee surgery
Halpern: K.o'd by Ference
Spacek.K.o'd into the boards by Lucic.
So they didn't pound us into submission? I didn't even count the infamous 'boston beatdown". How many of their guys did we hurt,even a little? It makes me sick to say it,but we were Boston's biatches this year,and it's 100% BG,PG and JM's fault

24-9 in the playoffs.
A two-four of cups to their meezly six pack.
A dominant regular season record against them.

No matter how strong a team they have they will never be free of the physcological fetal position we've spun them into year in and year out, and though they may win sometimes, we will win most of the time.

We are the most succesfull team EVER, and they are the whinning, *****ing, jealous little brother who tries desperately to gain satisfaction and boasting rights out of any and every insignificant aspect of the game. Even as they reach the top of their mountain they will always be reminded that we have created another. An insurmountable one, that only we, will ever gaze from. Their team will never accomplish what our's has, and after the bliss utopia of ignorance as faded, and reality sets back into their thick skulls, they will re-discover this once again, leaving them to retreat to pathetic compensations, like fighting majors, belittlement, hypocritical labels, and so many other pointless and empty feats to attempt to quench their blood lust. For some it will take but one summer to re-discover their rightfull place. For most it will take a championship from the true champions, but even in this daunting revelation, they will still declare superiority, unwilling to accept the prospect that even their greatest triumphs will be short lived and seldom remembered in the grand sceme of things, while ours, so phenomanal and so plentiful, will cast a shadow that they can never overcome, and that we will always have to shade our defeats. They will never know this power and so their subconsious blinds them with illusions of true success; convinces them that our feats are insignificant, even though all the while they strive to achieve them; and protects them from the cold and ruthless truth that they are too weak and broken to admit. The only reason we hate them is because they hate us. But the only reason they hate us is because they cannot be us. We own them.

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