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06-16-2011, 08:30 PM
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Originally Posted by jaster View Post
Inge needs to have been playing at an All-Star level in order to deserve his job back? He only had one quality offensive season? What? I don't get the Inge hate. He's more like Filppula than Draper to me. A good player who people think should be an All-Star for some reason.

Worth is a middle infielder and a good defensive sub for those positions. He's not much more and doesn't really know what he's doing at third base though.

Kelly is 31, not really a "young player." Moreover, I haven't seen anything from him to indicate he should keep the starting 3B job over Inge. For all of Inge's faults at the plate, Kelly has more. And he's nowhere near the fielder or baserunner. Leyland has a love affair with him because he loves scrappy, hard-working, marginal players with little talent. But that's the problem with Kelly, all he is is a scrappy, hard-working, marginal player with little talent.

The sooner Inge is back and Kelly is back on the bench, the better.

Career average of .236 and he strikes out 1 out of every 3.9 at bats...need I say more? And it didn't help that his predecessors, Dean Palmer and Travis Fryman mop the floor with him with their hitting ability. Third base is supposed to be power position in your lineup. A home run for every 32 at bats doesn't cut it. He's been a trooper through the awful years with this team but I'm counting down the days until Nick Castellanos is Major League ready.

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