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06-16-2011, 08:47 PM
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This thread shouldn't become another "We need toughness Vs. We need scoring thread"

If the post-lockout era has taught us anything, there are many different make-ups to a roster that can make it to the finals. Even a team without a star-studded goalscorer like Edmonton was against Carolina can make it. A team like Detroit is a lot more tougher than people think, but so are the Rangers. Those that think we need scoring and don't need to get tougher will probably overrate our toughness, and Orr Nightmare and those that feel we need more toughness before we can go anywhere will underrate it. The discussion has been had already, it is tired.

Even if the Islanders start spending more money in free agency, they have a lot to put together. They have to hope a lot of guys develop to their potential. Right now, they have a lot of POTENTIAL top 6 guys in their system, and one or two potential top 4 d-men. But there's no one, IMO, that resembles a first pair d-man in their system. Streit is coming off a major injury and he's 34. DP's contract is something they have to deal with sooner than later, and even if the money isn't an issue, the roster spot is. Do you bury him for 10 years or however long is left on that deal? You certainly don't want to buy him out, do you? Yashin's contract is still being paid out...

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