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06-16-2011, 08:56 PM
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This teenage kid who works the register at this pizza place I frequent in my town keeps having these awkward exchanges with me... Getting to the point where I might have to purchase my food elsewhere. Earlier this year he was ringing up my order (I always get food to go) and he asked me if I played the video game Halo, because this shirt I was wearing had a design/insignia that apparently reminded him of Halo, he laughed to himself... That was a bit weird but I just dismissed it. Then tonight I'm picking up my food after work and have my Oakleys on and he tells me, "Hey nice sunglasses buddy". Innocent comments on the surface but can't help but feel a bit uncomfortable & awkward when I'm picking up my food. A few weeks ago I ordered 3 slices to go, but he only charged me for 2 when he was ringing me up. I could not tell if he did so by error or was trying to do me a 'favor' but I just took my change and got the hell outta there. Really don't want to run into a Cable Guy situation and next thing I know I'm doing battle against the guy at Medieval Times!

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