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06-16-2011, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by CSKA1974 View Post
I might be a minority on this issue, but I am very aprehensive about signing Bryzgalov. And I am not talking about huge overpayment that is iminent in this situation

His contract will handcuff the team and spell the end of the young and developing goalie- Bob. If Bryz signs for 5-6 years, Bob will be gone by the end of his contract in 2 years and we, again, will be stuck with aging player that everyone will be *****ing about and curse Homer for not developing young goalies.

I would prefer to trade for a promissing young keper (Shneider, Enroth) and have them compete with Bob for the job, thus fostering the development of both of them.

But, again, I seem to be in minority AND hope that I am wrong
IM in the same boat, and am kind of hoping that this Bryzgalov deal falls through. If people honestly believe that bryz is going to solve all of this teams problems they have another thing coming.

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