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Originally Posted by Bodacious View Post
Mathman - I guess you didn't watch the game closely last night. In the 1st 5 min. of the game the Canucks were taking it Bruins, except when Julien put the 4th line out. All of a sudden the puck was in the Vancouver end and the D was getting punished. Vineault put the twins out against them and they spent a shift in their own end with their faces pressed up against the glass. After that the twins never were put out against the 4th line. Julien had no fear to roll them out on a regular shift.
Funny, because according to the official icetime sheets for Game 7, the twins didn't share the ice with Thornton-Campbell-Paille until at the 14th minute. Except for a few seconds on what looks like a shift change. And they had a couple of shifts face-to-face after that.

Here's a site that shows it in a handy shift chart graph:

I guess the official scorers should have watched the game more closely, too...

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