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06-16-2011, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
The state of infrastructure in this province is beyond embarassing. We are living with third-world country level roads and bridges. People make jokes about it but it is ****ing sad as hell that a North American province has pathetic infrastructure like we do, as well as pathetic management in place to run it.
So true. Sure climate has a lot to do with the rapid degradation of roads but they do fine elsewere in Canada.

Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
On Friday they announced that the exit on Decarie South going to the 720 East was going to be closed and only one lane would be open effective immediately until DECEMBER. I understand the urgency of safety issues but for there to be literally no notice whatsoever means they had no idea things were as bad as they are. What's worse is I take that exit every day and I have for over 2 years...At least 6-8 months of the last 2 years has seen that exact exit only have 1 lane open due to construction...How was this safety hazard not noticed back then when they were working on it?

And don't even get me started on this arena bullsh*t...This province has it's priorities completely mixed it and it is embarassing. We need new government in place at all levels because we are basically being controlled by the mafia and big business. The deal they are trying to broker in Quebec City with Quebecor is basically illegal which is why the government is trying to rush in legislation to allow it to pass. Plus Montreal agrees to spend hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars on fixing the roof on the Big O, and on the Bixi system. What a joke...Spend $100,000,000 on bicycles when we have no roads to ride them on. It would shock me if the Bixi system ever even makes $100,000,000 in profits, ever. That is wasted money by our corrupt and incompetant government.
Humm seems to me you get things mixed up. Bixi is the city of Montreal's responsability, so are Montreal's road mostly (that are MUCH worse than anywere else in Quebec imho).

Anyways a new provincial government won't change a thing. The PQ is one of the major reasons our roads are ****, they basically completely cut funding there for a decade in the 1990s in order to achieve ''deficit zero''. The long term results were catastrophic (which is why they are pretty much rebuilding the whole infrastructure troughtout Quebec, lots of it is beyond repair). I don't think her royal highness Pauline the first is going to make any effort to change that. I heard she supports the new Colisée also... We're in deep **** as far as provincial politics go.

As for Montreal I don't really know... Tremblay has always looked incompetent to me. You guys need a great new mayor, lots of work to be done but it would be great to see Montreal back in top shape.

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