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Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
I too am having huge problems with skates...

I am using Easton 1100s, which are getting old and I can tell tired (too flexible)

Now... being that I had eastons and a strangely wide foot... I tried to get another pair, being a pair of new old stock S15!

I use 5/8's grind and I think an 11foot or (standard) radius

My feet are 10" and I use 8.5 W eastons, but this is the problem is my feet hurt:
8.5 R are tightish and my toe rubs and I can't use em
8.5W maybe a bit wide (I have to really tightem down) and fits my toes but the Archs KILL ME
9 R are too long, and I don't like having a 280mm holder compared to the 272...

thing is... do I tolerate the pain? I've heat molded them 3 times, and the area on the inside part of my Arch KILLS.... along with that, this is the worst tongue bite I've felt... I literially have blisters that own't heal unless I keep from skating for over a week.

but I think I hvae the same problems with all skates, Bauer's are way too narrow, the Graf's 735's that should fit don't, and I have yet to try RBK.

but should I just keep grinding it out and will my feet and skates eventually break in?
I tend not to get TOO involved with the radius or different types of sharpening (and i am not knocking it at all). However, I do feel like i could pass on some valuable information to you about skates. I too have had issues with bauer skates being too narrow for my foot, aside from my 1 experience trying out bauer skates I have been a loyal reebok skates guy for both ice and inline. I HIGHLY recommend trying RBK's, they are the most comfortable skates out of the box AND they are naturally wider than other brands of skates so you don't have to compensate for a wider foot by getting E or EE width skates.

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