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06-17-2011, 02:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Also consider the fact that Handzus is a strong defensive forward and Stoll is a below average defensive player.
... Come ON, man - I know you love to bash Stoll on a repeated basis, but where do you get this from? Pure +/-? What about the other factors?

Look at the Corsi numbers Stoll puts up (all Corsi rating does is tabulate shots, missed shots, and blocked shots while a player's on the ice).

- In Corsi rating relative to the quality of his teammates on the ice, Stoll has the best mark among all the Kings' forwards.

- In Corsi rating relative to the quality of the competition he faced on the ice, Stoll was behind Kopitar and Handzus among Kings' centers (rightfully so) but ahead of Smyth, Williams, and the other centers. He was the defensive forward on that Smyth-Stoll-Williams line.

- Stoll was third among Kings' forwards in blocked shots, behind Kopitar and Handzus. He was third in takeaways.

- Stoll started his shifts in the offensive zone 48.1% of the time when it was 5-on-5. His shifts ended in the offensive zone 46.3% of the time. The difference was -1.8%, which was only behind Handzus, Simmonds, and Kopitar among Kings' forwards. Handzus was the only regular Kings' forward with a positive number in this category.

- Stoll, of course, won the highest percentage of his draws, which has intrinsic defensive value.

Now - you might be able to say that any one of these points doesn't conclusively show that Stoll was a good defensive forward. But are ALL of them meaningless? Sure, Handzus (even though he was slowing down) still was probably the best defensive forward on the team, and Kopitar had a terrific defensive season in his own right. But Stoll was right behind those two in certain categories, and better than them in others.

The other defensive stalwarts were Simmonds (no shocker) and Brown (who's overall pretty solid defensively despite the occasional blunder).

Originally Posted by Herby View Post
And just to add, as many know I am not a big Stoll fan
... You're kidding.

Originally Posted by Herby View Post
He is clearly not offensively talented enough to be a 2nd line player and isn't a strong enough two-way player to be on a defensive line.
... I see a guy who has pretty solid defensive metrics and also managed to score 20 goals. That's a valuable and solid second line center, whether you like it or not.

Originally Posted by Herby View Post
He has some value with his faceoffs and shootouts, but what line do you put him on?
... The second line, unless and until Schenn can show that he's better overall.

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