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06-17-2011, 05:11 AM
Change is good.
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Yeaaaaah, if what Brooks is writing is correct, it's a big time F U to Slats from Drury. If I'm reading it right, he's basically screwing the team's salary cap for this coming year to save himself $1,666,666 (the article isn't exactly clear, but I believe what happens is that the Rangers would be forced to pay the full $5MM and would then be reimbursed $4MM). And while I recognize a million six is a million six, when you bear in mind that the team has already paid him 30-odd million and he's due another $3,333,333 even in the buy-out scenario, this is starting to sound vindictive. Especially given that he would likely have the ability to earn another paycheck next year that would make up some - if not all - of that $1.6MM either as a player or coach. This is not exactly the last stand I expected from the world renowned captain and team player...

I look froward to RB's analysis of the report and the dollars involved to see if I'm misreading anything.

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