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Originally Posted by Fulton44 View Post
I am working on a very detailed and full Flyers offseason plan. I have some trades ideas that I would like to run by the group for feedback. What I am looking for is if the consensus feels the value in the deal is fair for both sides, or if the Flyers should give up more or get more, not if people like the deals. I would appreciate the help and feedback.

Dan Carcillo
Philly gets - 110th overall pick (4th round)

LA gets - Dan Carcillo

LA was rumored to be interest in Carcillo last fall and you have the Murray/Hexy/Lombardi connection there. Ryan Hollweg went for a fifth round pick a couple of years ago, and Carcillo at his worst is a better player than him, so we should be able to get a fourth for him.

Kris Versteeg
Philly gets - 33rd overall pick (2nd round)

Florida gets - Kris Versteeg

Dale Tallon is the GM in Florida and the same guy who traded for him in Chicago. Florida needs players with salaries just to work their way up to the cap floor.
The Flyers essentially "rent Versteeg" from Toronto for the 86th pick (3rd round) with the 33rd pick basically replacing pick 25 that they gave up.

Philly gets - Nic Bergfors

Florida gets - Kris Versteeg

Flyers get a young player who could easily score 20+ goals for them at a fraction of the cost of Versteeg, where as Florida would likely prefer a more established player and someone that Tallon is comfortable with.

Philly gets - 38th overall pick

Columbus gets - Kris Versteeg

Lots of chatter about these teams talking, Holmgren and Howson have dealt before, and the same rules to getting 33 from Florida apply here for the Flyers.

Matt Carle
Philly gets - 28th overall pick, conditional pick in 2013

San Jose gets - Matt Carle

San Jose didn't trade Matt Carle because they didn't like him, but to get a stud offensive defensemen in Dan Boyle. San Jose is going to need a defensemen or two this offseason, and they are familiar with Matt Carle and what he can provide to a team. The Flyers get a much needed first round pick, albeit a late one, and they would receive a third round pick in 2013 if Carle re-signs with San Jose. If Tomas Kaberle can get the Leafs a really good prospect, (Colborne) a late first round pick, and a conditional pick based on him re-signing, as a pure rental player, Carle should be able to get the Flyers a first and a conditional pick with an entire year left on his deal.

Sergei Bobrovsky
Philly gets - Brett MaClean/Mikkel Boedker, 51st overall pick (2nd round)

Phoenix gets - Sergei Bobrovsky

We can debate for days whether or not the Flyers should trade Bobrovsky, obviously I am one of those people who feels if Bryzgalov is here long term he should be. So, let's focus on the value on what is a possible destination for him.

Phoenix will need to replace Bryzgalov, and with their uncertain franchise status beyond this coming season, won't likely be an attractive destination for free agents.

From our perspective we get a cheap young winger with big upside who should get a spot in the top 9 this coming season, and we get a second round pick which we have none of.

Philly gets - Martin Hanzal

Phoenix gets - Sergei Bobrovsky

Hanzal is just now coming into his own, has the size and two-way ability the Flyers could use in their top 9, and can play either center or wing. I personally think Hanzal is just scratching the surface of his talent at 24 and is going to be a beast of a two-way forward in this league really soon.

Again, any feedback, thoughts, etc on the value of these deals would be appreciated.

Yes, I'd send him to LA for fourth rounder. I would otherwise let him walk. I would imagine that LA would approach this deal cautiously, it is well known that Carcillo is a target for the refs.

Versteeg I:

I feel that we need to at least let him recover from surgery, give him a full camp, and maybe 20 games to turn it around this year. A second rounder for Versteeg feels like we are getting bent over. It will depend on if he can start to produce next season or not.

Versteeg II:

I would do this but only if Versteeg proves to be ineffective once again. I could see this being done before the all-star break to free up space for potential deadline deals but not before the season starts.

Third Versteeg Deal:

See Versteeg I - same dance different partner. I see this as a last resort trade to free up space possibly at the deadline.


Yes, I would do this and I think other teams like the Wings or possibly the Leafs would be interested also. I would sell Matt Carle to the lowest first rounder I could find.

Bobrovsky deals:

I don't think PHX would do any of them. Certainly not the Hanzal one. I think other potential buyers for Bobrovsky might be Colorado?

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