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Originally Posted by ke11y96 View Post
So does this mean that come July 1st we'll have Drury 7.05 and Redden 6.5 meaning 13.55 in cap space that eventually we will have free but not until the first day of camp when we can LTIR Drury and put Redden in the minors?

63.5 + 10% = 69.85 - 13.55 = 56.30

Are those the correct numbers in regards to what we can actually spend? Because that means we'll have 63.5 - 56.30 = 7.20 in cap space? However not until training camp really doesn't help this club...

Can we trade Drury if he does this? Florida could use him to get to the cap especially if Insurance will cover 80% of his salary...?
That seems about right. But at least two-way contracts only count pro-rated depending on days spent on the roster the previous season. I.e. Erixon's ELC won't count at all, DZ only partly and MZA as well. That should increase the amount we'll be able to spend. Also if Sather signs someone after camp (like Feds last season) that could work as well.
And I don't know which of our RFAs are arbitration eligible, but in theory Sather could wait to sign them until after camp as well (liek Dubi two years ago). Of course that exposes them to the risk of offer sheets and the players won't exactly like it.

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