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Originally Posted by ke11y96 View Post
Maybe RangerBoy or someone can clarify but if the cap goes to 63.5 and you get that 10% cushion for the summer at 69.85 which basically covers us carrying Redden. In the article it states we have to spend all of Drury's cap hit to place him on LTIR so can we technically spend 69.85 + 7.05 = 76.90 ???
Then that puts us after those two are LTIR and waived at 63.35.

I mean spending his cap hit wouldn't be hard in comes Richards at 7 and out goes Drury at 7.05, and i'm sure we'll get that 50,000 tied into one of our RFA's.
LTIR is tricky. When a player is placed on LTIR, he still counts against the cap. The team is then allowed to replace that player with any number of players up to that injured player's salary. If that means the team goes over the cap, then they go over the cap.

Here's an example:

Cap: 60 mil
Current projected cap spending: 59 mil

Christensen gets hurt in training camp and we put him on LTIR. His cap hit 925k.

This does NOT allow us to go to 60.925 mil. Our available cap space has to be used up first, so there is no benefit to putting Christensen on LTIR. The LTIR savings are also prorated based on when the player was injured. So say it was Avery instead of Christensen. If it occurred at midseason, we still wouldn't see any benefit from LTIR because the LTIR savings would be less than our available cap space. That's why we didn't put Frolov on LTIR last year (that, and we needed to leave room to pay bonuses).

I think if we go into the season with Drury on the roster and then place him on LTIR, that should give us quite a bit of money to play with. But that isn't going to be much use to us until the trade deadline.

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