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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
With it being the off-season, my inclination is to let a few separate themes of GM-thread-like material co-exist. The GM thread is pretty far-reaching and stuff can get lost in there and focus lost. But that's just me. No complaints if another mod wants to merge things.


I also vote for a No Tough Guys policy. Just get Good Players. Preferably good fast ones who can skate circles around any teams that do choose to try to model themselves after the Bruins. Because I know the NHL is going to go back to PP-fest hockey and call everything again, and only one team has Tim Thomas, and Thomas isn't getting any younger himself.

If there's a Good Player who is also tough and can skate, then no objections whatsoever to getting that complete package. Just saying that I prioritize Good above Tough, and Skating above Tough too.
That's fine by me. I really don't care just thought it seemed like a no-brainer. Sometimes I honestly find it easier when there are multiple threads having the sub-genre's discussed

I agree with your sentiments above. I don't want another Georges (Not to be confused with Gorges)

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