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Originally Posted by Jersey Girl View Post
A couple of observations...

1. Has anyone besides Brooks confirmed this?

2. The organization was reportedly going to buy out the remainder of Drury's contract, effectively reducing his remaining salary by 1/3, if I understand buyouts correctly.

And we're getting mad at Drury for protecting his own interersts? I don't get that at all.
Drury has made a lot of money and I doubt he's the type of person that would have frittered it all away. The Rangers want to give him 3.33 mil for doing nothing, rather than 5 mil for doing nothing, so that they can afford to sign players to replace him.

By challenging the buyout, Drury is screwing over the organization and the players he supposedly calls friends for 1.67 mil he doesn't need.

And please don't say "you wouldn't pass up 1.67 mil". I'm not a multi-millionare and you don't know me. If I was in Drury's situation, I would not be doing what he's doing.

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