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08-26-2005, 10:57 PM
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I really liked Smolinski on the Kings and was disappointed when he was traded. I always valued him a little more highly than most, but I think that he would be a good fit for the Predators. He's a fairly good playmaker, has decent speed and is quite responsible defensively. He's shown to be capable at both #1 PK and #2 PP duties. He also has almost a hundred games of playoff experience, which is always welcome on a young team, though he's not the leader type.

He can be frustrating because he has a tendency to go long stretches without putting the puck into the net, but he's fairly consistent on defense and playmaking. If he's demoted because he's not scoring, he does worse, so it's important that the coach demonstrate confidence in him and not demote him or reduce his ice time, letting him work through it and find the touch, instead.

He'd be close to free because he'd likely be a salary dump, so there isn't much risk. The only question is if it would put the team over $28.5M, as has been mentioned. Smolinski probably wouldn't be worth that, but getting him if he could be fit in underneath that would be.

I think that he'd fit into the Predators fairly well. Perhaps centering Kariya would be just the thing for him. Personally, I hope Poille gets him.

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