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with regards to the summer is a post from RB from the salary cap thread. his numbers are usually right so:

Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Summer Cap

Salaries and bonuses are pro-rated for entry level contracts based on days on NHL roster.

Gaborik $7.5M
Drury $7.05M
Wolski $3.8M
Avery $1.9375M
Stepan $875k
Prust $800k
Christensen $925k
Zuccarello(100 days) $940,860

Staal $3.975M
Girardi $3.325M
MDZ(118) $689,919
McD (98) $684,946
Redden $6.5M

Lundqvist $6.875M
Biron $875K

Signed two way contracts
Grachev(16) $70,251
Newbury(34) $93,683
Talbot(1) $4,839

Group II free agents with two way deals. NHL days from the previous season count.

Weise spent 25 days on the NHL roster. His QO is $605,000 NHL in a two way deal. The Rangers usually offer more AHL money for the player accepting the NHL minimum which is $525,000 for 11-12.

The Rangers have Weise, Dupont(6) and Johnson(40) as group IIs with possible cap holds. Are the Rangers going to qualify Dupont and Johnson? Both of them will be group 6 UFA's next summer. Johnson carries a $113K summer cap number. Not really sure why the Rangers would re-sign Johnson.

For some reason,the Rangers are going to qualify Mitchell who has a 1 way contract. He is eligible for a 2 way QO but he spent 126 days on the Leafs last season. Not much difference between a 1 way deal for $525k or a 2 way deal with $761,250 NHL. $515,685 cap number.

Kolarik(6)is a group 6. He gets a two way SPC,those 6 days count.

Weise and Kolarik are re-signed for $525,000 NHL/$70,000 AHL.

Weise $70,564
Kolarik $16,935

Mitchell $525,000 one way

Grachev,Newbury,Talbot,Weise,Kolarik and Mitchell account for $781,272.


$63,500,000 upper limit. Bill Daly's number. $69,850,000 summer cap upper limit

Rangers have $22,315,503 in space

The Rangers will take a cap penalty for next season. Performance bonuses.

The 10% bump covers $6.35M of Redden's $6.5M.

The Rangers could free up money buying out Wolski($466,667 cap hit),Avery($604,167 cap hit)or Drury($3,716,667 cap hit).

If someone wants to make a chart and have one of the mods put it on the first page,go ahead.
so with a 63.5 mil cap, we'd have 22.3 mil in space...this does not include QO for RFAs though.

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