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06-17-2011, 10:52 AM
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^^ The Rangers probably have plenty of summer cap room to sign Richards, it's making sure everything gets under the cap that could prove tricky. And if the bidding for Richards is upwards of $7.5 the Rangers really shouldn't be biting anyways. That's just way too much

Originally Posted by HagelinForPresident View Post
The only logic hole I can find is Sauer getting 850K. He is due for at least 1 mil. I think Sauer will end up getting around 1.25 mil. But other than that, your line-up makes a lot of sense and makes me feel not so bad about this whole situation.
Well, I think the Rangers will push hard for him to take a lower one year contract or something, but we'll see

Also, they'd have to replace Drury in that lineup, but they also not have guys like Zucarello on the roster, etc.

Bottom line is that with Drury and Redden AND Wolski, the Rangers are still decently close to a situation that allows them to make a pretty good bid for Richards

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