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06-17-2011, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Chris Drury owes the organization that paid him $30 million over 4 years (2 of which were substandard performances) nothing? Where does this entitlement philosophy come from? Sign the contract and everything else that happens afterward is water under the bridge? No expectation of performance? Some individuals with integrity would look at the circumstances and realize they were compensated handsomely for providing minimal contribution to your employer over the past 2 years. He's squabbling over $1.7 mil, which is just 4.7% of his total contract value over 5 years. A contract that paid him handsomely for less than optimal performances. He earned $5 mil in salary his last 2 seasons in Buffalo. That's $40+ mil over the last 7 seasons and people are painting a picture where $1.67 mil is make or break for Drury and his family. If $1.67 mil had serious financial implications for Drury's portfolio, he would have to be one of the worst investors/money managers in the league. This $40+ mil earned over the last 7 years doesn't even include money earned during the prior 5 seasons of his career.

This is about not hamstringing the organization that made paid him a filthy contract for only 2 1/2 seasons of acceptable performance on what should have been a 5 year contract. This is about not negatively impacting the organization's ability to move on and for his former teammates to be able to field the most competitive roster possible so they can continue their hockey careers as his ends. All this over 4.7% of his contract when the organization overpaid him by a good 25% of what he should have been earning for his level of services? Please.
Preach on Preacher.

Its amazing that some can't grasp this simple concept.

The guys hasn't earned half the money he'a already been paid, and now he's looking for that last little money grab?

POS trash MOF'er

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