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06-17-2011, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
My thoughts are that it reinforces what I'm saying. 5.5-6? sure. More than that? No. Teams that won were spending 10ish % on goaltending. How many teams have won spending 12 percent? Anaheim...and they had both Pronger and Niedermeyer, which is a pretty big deal...and CHicago's numbers are skewed because Huet had a stupid contract that ended up being a massive albatross. Every situation is unique, and I don't believe ours is conducive to spending an insane amount on a goalie. The player we'd have to drop to fit in the extra million if we overpay grossly just for the sake of having a goalie is one we'd probably miss, and could damage the team overall.

Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
He overpays everyone? Well, except for Richards, Carter, Pronger, Giroux, Coburn, Hartnell, Briere, Timonen, Bobrovsky, O'Donnell, Boucher, Carcillo, Powe, Betts, Nodl, Zherdev. You can argue that he slightly overpaid Shelley, but that's about it.

And whether he's 'responsible' is your opinion only, and you are wrong.

He tried to upgrade the goaltending last year, without breaking up the core of team. He got advance rights to negotiate with Nabokov and Turco but they failed to realize what a good offer the Flyers were making and screwed themselves. Faced with a bunch of nobodies like Mason or Ellis he stuck with Leighton and signed Bobrovsky.

His priority last year was to get rid of Gagne and add a 5th great Dman - because what really cost us the Cup was that our Top 4 was too run down by the finals.

To do so, he acquired the rights to Hamhuis, tried to get the advance rights to Michalek (Phx was still hoping to re-up him), and acquired Meszaros in what was one of the best trades of the year in the entire league, and signed O'Donnell cheap when everyone said he would never leave the west coast.

Pronger and Timonen aren't getting younger, and even Briere had nothing left by the Boston series. The Flyers can't afford to look to the future anymore.

They will sign Bryzgalov - after boldly getting his right. And everyone will be amazed at the reasonable cap hit, after which he'll sort out how he wants the team to look in front of him and make the appropriate deals at the draft.

That's what a responsible GM does and we're lucky we have one - we're going to be cheering for a great team, and Cup contender, again next year.
I'm not talking about Bryz at 5-6 mil as a cap hit. I'm talking about signing him for 6-7 mil, which some people have said we should do just so we can have a goalie. I think that's unwise. Homer doesn't overpay as badly as Sather, but he is guilty of it. And with our cap situation, plugging in a 6.5-7 mil cap hit and then factoring in random overpayments like Shelley, Hartnell, and Leighton (among the others who are no longer with us) and we begin running into trouble when it comes time to resign players or even make callups.

As for Homer being responsible, his asset management, last years goaltending "solution", and overall cap management suggests otherwise. I know you're going to disagree because you love Homer and think he never does anything wrong.

Again, to clarify, before anybody else jumps down my throat: We need a goalie. Paying 6.5 mil or more JUST to have one isn't a good idea.. I'm not saying "Don't get a goalie" and I think that 5-6 mil is something this team can fit. More than that, not so much.

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