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Originally Posted by LeafsandSharksfan View Post
Leafs fan here, just trying to make sense of all this in regards to Richards. So if I got this right, Drury's cap will be added to the amount the Rangers can spend, but Redden and Drury's salaries will count towards that limit until the start of next season. So the Rangers can make a large offer for Richards at the start of the new season when Redden goes to the AHL and Drury goes on IR?
Eh, not really.

It turns out it doesn't really affect things toooo much. Redden and Drury's contracts will count against the cap during the summer. Redden can be sent down again on the 15th of September, Drury can be put on IR at the start of the season.

That all said, the Rangers pretty much have the cap space to make Richards a competitive offer on July 1st and still be able to sign their RFA's. They will likely be able to offer him between $7-8 mill, though I don't think they'll get too close to $8 mill.

It's very likely they can fit all of their RFA's, Redden, Drury, and Richards under the summer cap.

They might have to do some dancing to get under the cap before the start of the season, though. But then again they might be able to use the LTIR so that it doesn't really matter...I'm still not 100% sure on how LTIR works

edit: that all assumes that Richards would want to sign here and not take a huge contract from Toronto for $8+ mill or something

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