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06-17-2011, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by sarcastro View Post
I don't know where you got your UZR numbers, but fangraphs has Inge's 2011 UZR at 0.3. That may technically be positive, but ahead of him at 3b are Longoria, Sandoval, Beltre, A-Roid, Uribe, Tejada, Callaspo, Nix, DON KELLY, Descalso, Morel, Hannahan, Roberts, Rolen, Mora, and Polanco. And that's only counting guys with 200+ innings (and Kelly), as there are another couple dozen guys ahead of Inge in UZR but with limited appearances. So that's 15 or 16 guys ahead of him, not 11.

They certainly didn't get top value for him, but DD wanted that reliever guy badly and he didn't place any value on Sizemore. Purcey has put up 8 scoreless innings, so he's looking pretty good. It's too early to tell on either guy, but just because Sizemore had a couple nice games, it doesn't mean it was an awful deal.

As far as other 2b/3b prospects, why is Worth a bench player and Sizemore is a budding superstar? Worth hit pretty well last year from the start, and he's hitting very well this year so far. Sizemore had even more opportunity to get himself going and he never did. Couldn't hit last year. Couldn't hit this year. And his defense is lousy while Worth is a plus-defender.

Sizemore has had a nice week at the plate. He's also got a .895 fielding % at 3b where the A's have been playing him. Pretending that he's the messiah is ridiculous.

Worrying about Sizemore is silly. The Tigers have made a bunch of these AAAA prospect dumps to the A's in recent years, and the guys they dumped all turned out to be (gasp!) AAAA players at best. He'll go cold at the dish and his average will be back down to .225 in a couple weeks. Yawn.
I think the argument you're making against Inge is precisely why we should have been more patient with Sizemore. Inge is playing like crap this year. Kelly's been better but that isn't saying much.

But your point about Sizemore not hitting in Detroit is true. But he's hit everywhere else (now including another MLB team). Granderson slowly went all to hell in Detroit but has turned it around in NY (even outside of his power numbers, he's swinging a good bat this year). Infante got moved for Jaque Jones and has since become a pretty solid infielder who swings a decent bat. Joyce has emerged as a pretty good bat.

Avila is really the only guy to have come up through our system, and continued to swing a good bat with Detroit (Boesch has been too up and down, but seems to have settled into that third spot). We don't exactly churn out a lot of MLB quality position players as it is, so seeing a number of them go on and do pretty well after we give up on them isn't something we can really handle over the long run. I've seen people call for Mclendon's head. I wonder if there's something to it.

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